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Local Business Marketing Online is a Boutique SEO Agency Based in the Bayside area of South East Melbourne.  We have a core team of business experts that include experience in the corporate business arena, system analysis and development and web development and SEO.

We only work with a handful of clients on an “ongoing basis” – this way the client receives the absolute best service for the promotion of their website.  Our strategies are proven and create websites that rank high in Markets and Niche Markets and retain their dominant position year after year.

Grant Johnson is a self-taught and educated SEO expert, specialising in WordPress and Business Catalyst for small to medium business in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne Australia. Grants Interest includes fishing, productivity and lifestyle design, internet marketing and SEO to name just a few. Grant is based in Cheltenham a Bayside suburb of Melbourne.

After Studying IT at Moreton institute Tafe in 2000 Grant developed his first commercial website for a local business selling inkjet refills and has since gone on to produce and webmaster more than 50 different website over a 13 year period.

Grant began studying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) during 2004 and has kept current with changes that affect the search rankings of websites over the past 7 years, while webmaster for Fishing Australia Grant successfully increased its ranking to position 1 on Google Australia for the market level keyword “Fishing”.

During 2009 Grant began to study online marketing or Internet marketing to increase the visibility of his websites, studying and mentored by some of the best online marketers including Armand Morin, Ed Dale, and Sylvie and Michael Fortin. Studying copywriting, landing page optimisation and became a specialist in pay per click (PPC) advertising and strategies and is a member of Google Engage for Agencies.

August 2012 Grant successfully became an independent publisher and produced Fishing Australia Magazine for apples Newsstand via the Magcast platform

During 2010 Grant produced a lifestyle design and productivity system called the Importance’s Method it is designed to give balance in 8 major areas of your life and can be customised to anyone’s life no matter their current position in life. It is designed in 3 sections 1. Discovering what is truly important to you 2. Creating an effective time management based on those importance’s. 3. Creating small step or kaizen type system for each of your importance’s to achieve a successful outcome. The Importances Method is free and available on this website and has more than 500 people use the course since 2010.

Grant has now decided to offer his services to local businesses. To view a full list of internet service please visit the services page that will list and explain each in plain English and detail.

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  1. 13 Years developing business websites.
  2. Up to date with the latest social media trends.
  3. 8 years SEO experience ranking websites top 10.
  4. Custom designed Packages for your budget.
  5. LMBO operates transparently and honestly .

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