Creating Websites That Work

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development

Setup and development time of creating a dedicated Mobile Website is Approx 10hrs.

Creation of sub domain
All mobile website files are hosted on a sub domain created on your hosting.
Approx 30mins

Create redirect script.
A redirect script recognises when a smart phone or tablet such as iPad is being use to access your website. And redirects the visitor to the appropriate version of your website, being the mobile version
Approx 30min

Identify pages to be included
Mobile websites are slimmed down versions of your main website, we need to include very specific pages that present the information you require the customer or client to receive.
To be discussed with client Approx 1 – 2 hours.

Creation of included pages.
Creation of pages that will display on your mobile website.
Approx 4 – 6 hrs

Add tap to call features.
Tap to call feature allows the customer or client to tap a link or button and call directly via their smart phone from your website.
Approx 30 to 60mins

Add Google maps.
Adding Google maps allows your customer or client to tap a map that opens and give the option to use the Google maps app on their smart phone to get interactive directions to your business location.
Approx 30 to 60 mins