Creating Websites That Work

What You Need to Know Before Hiring Me.

  1. I work purely on an hourly rate for all internet services I provide.
  2. I don’t work before or after 9AM or after 5PM.
  3. Any work before or after 9AM or after 5PM is agreed upon before commencement.
  4. Our initial consultation is not charged.

For all services with the exception of mobile app development my rates are as follows.

Monday to Friday between 9AM and 5PM$35 per hour.
Monday to Friday between 5PM and Midnight$52.50 per hour.
Saturdays between 9AM and 5PM$52.50 per hour.
Saturdays between 5PM and Midnight$70.00 per hour.
Sundays 9AM and Midnight$140.00 per hour.
Public holidays $210.00 per hour.
Any work after midnight any day $210.00 per hour.
Mobile App Development is quoted per app.

Important Information

Before any work is started I will give you all the necessary documents to fill in. This will streamline the each process and reduce the overall cost too you.

All bills are itemised with what jobs have been completed and the time to complete each job

All billing is issued every Monday and payment by Thursday is appreciated.

The Benefits of hiring me.

I work to your budget.

You decide how many hours you would like me to put I to your business website each week.

You get exactly what you pay for.

There are no hidden costs.

Your website will be created to the highest standard.